Dukan diet for vegetarians: is it possible to follow a low carbohydrate diet without meat?

The Dukan diet is a high protein and low sugar diet in four steps. The main period of the Dukan diet, the assault phase, is made up of proteins so to speak. Nuts and beans, common sources of protein for vegans, are not allowed in Keto Diet. How at the moment can a vegan make a diet menu that includes exclusively suppers with protein?

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A pescetarian, regularly regarded as a fish-eating lover, will not suffer too much inconvenience to satisfy the needs of Dukan’s diet. They can discover enough protein in fish and shellfish.

Dinners consisting of various fish fillets, smoked salmon, mussels, shrimp, crabmeat, etc. will provide an abundant supply of proteins and assortments. Many fish that eat vegetarians (pescetarians) also eat creatures, for example, eggs, and dairy products.

Smoked salmon and curd, a meal that is also delighted by many meat eaters, is an ideal and tasty treat that is suitable for all periods of Dukan’s diet.

In any case, there are vegetarians (perhaps most of them) that the fish is not allowed. Vegetable lovers, considering everything, do not eat fragile creatures, living creatures and fish are creatures! Is it possible for these people to follow the eating routine as their inner voices?

Tofu, recognizable by most vegetable lovers, is allowed in the diet. Dr. Dukan, whose book has not disappeared for vegans, incorporates tofu into his summary of permitted foods. Perhaps, through this eating routine, many meat consumers who recently had no motivation to add tofu to their diet believe that this food, known around the world, is a new option for their menus…

Finished vegetable protein (DVT) is not mentioned in the book because, as it is possible, it is a protein-rich food with low sugar content. Quorn, a mycoprotein, since TVP is not mentioned in the book. In any case, it is also a food rich in protein and low in sugar.

This vegan food is currently available in a wide range of structures and assortments. Some have higher starch content than others, so vegans should buy with caution.

Skim milk, low-fat curd, cheese curl, and cottage cheese are all mentioned and allowed in the diet. Unlike veggie lovers, vegans only allow these foods like eggs (also allowed in the diet). These foods can be used generously despite the fact that yellow and milk are limited.

For vegetable lovers who want to follow the Dukan diet, the test is to develop a reasonable menu without meat. Although it is not conceivable to reduce starch to the insignificant levels exhorted by Mr. Dukan, it should be possible to reach this perfect level.

The change begins now. You can follow my progress on the Dukan diet from the beginning to the end of the aggression. I have incorporated each of my plans and thoughts from the menu as the best tips to benefit from your participation in the Low Carb Diet.

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